Onslaught Miniatures - 6, 10 et 15mm
J'ai un peu délaissé les news Onslaught Miniatures qui sont un peu irrégulières mais je vais essayer de corriger le tir...

Onslaught Miniatures a écrit :The Grimnir Specialist Cars are now available! Grab yours now over at the Online Store:

We also posted each of the specialist car turrets as bits, and restocked the Hellborn Corrupted Hera and Hemera tanks!
dernière nouveauté en date chez Onslaught Miniatures :

Terran Federation War Trident

The very largest of the tanks found in the Terran Federation armory are classed as "Super Heavy". These vehicles dwarf conventional armored vehicles, and typically contain multiple weapon systems which can rival the firepower found in an entire squadron of common Federation tanks. While rare, and tactically limited due to their slower speed and massive fuel requirements in the field, there is no denying their effectiveness in combat once brought to bear.

The War Trident is a terrifying mobile fortification featuring multiple cannons and gun emplacements. It's sole function is that of an dense-terrain assault vehicle, often deployed in urban environments where it brings it's multiple short-ranged but immensely powerful weapon system to bear. The War Trident features no less than four short-barrel, large-bore cannon on two separate turret mounts, and seven flak cannon sponsons around its parameter, making any enemy infantry assault an insane proposal.

A Terran Federation War Trident Super Heavy Tank consists of 1 40 x 30 x 18mm Terran Federation War Trident Super Heavy Tank Resin Miniature. Each tank consists of 1 Chassis, 1 Trident Main Turret, 1 Trident Sub Turret, and 2 Track Sections.

[Image: 24515410.jpg]

[Image: 24550310.jpg]
C'est complètement ridicule, il a beaucoup trop de canon! Il m'en faut trois.

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